Solving TCP/IP Initialization Problems

I recently tried to use the original system-recovery CD-ROM that came with my Dell OptiPlex GX110 workstation to repair a problem I was having with Windows 2000. Since then, whenever I try to use Microsoft Outlook 2000, I get the message The Microsoft Exchange Address Book was unable to log on to the Microsoft Exchange Server computer. Outlook was working perfectly before I started the repair process.

I can use my mailbox settings to access my mailbox from other machines on the network, so I know the Exchange system is working and all my email settings are valid. I've reinstalled Outlook. I've even reinstalled Microsoft Office 2000, but nothing improved. Can you please help me?

Your troubleshooting approach is fine, but you're assuming that the problem involves Outlook. Actually, the error is the result of a TCP/IP initialization problem. The solution involves uninstalling and reinstalling TCP/IP. For an excellent discussion about the problem and the steps to correct it, see the Microsoft article "OL2000: (CW) Error Message: The Microsoft Exchange Address Book was Unable to Log on to the Microsoft Exchange Server Computer" (

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