So Maybe There Will be Two New Lumias Tomorrow

So Maybe There Will be Two New Lumias Tomorrow

Sadly, both low-end

UPDATE: The Lumia 1330 is reportedly fake. Ah well. --Paul

It's possible that Microsoft will announce and release two new Lumia handsets this week, and not just the single device we originally anticipated. Based on a number of leaks, however, both will be low-end handsets, and we won't see a flagship Lumia until sometime in 2015.

I'm not sure what I can add to the discussion around flagship handsets. We need 'em, you know that. And while Microsoft's focus on the low-end is understandable do we really need two more low-end Lumias?

I wrote late last week about one of the two devices we might now see announced tomorrow. This is the Lumia 535, a 5-inch device with low-end specs and dual-SIM support for international markets.

But there appears to be another. Microsoft may also announced a second device, a 6-inch Lumia 1330. If you're familiar with the Lumia lineup, you may recognize that as an update to the low-end Lumia 1320, because the world is apparently clamoring for more Windows Phones without a camera button.

As for Microsoft, it continues to test the patience of its Windows Phone fans by continuing the teasing of Tuesday's launch with a new promo video that shows off some device packaging and very quick product glimpses. (And something that appears to be wireless headphones.) So enjoy that while you seethe over the lack of a new flagship.

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