Skype Meetings Offers Free Video Conferencing for SMBs

Skype Meetings Offers Free Video Conferencing for SMBs

Those without a subscription can get a taste of Office 365 capabilities

Microsoft opened up its Skype Meetings software to help convince SMBs on the fence about Office 365 to give it a try. The company announced that starting today, anyone in the U.S. with a "business email address" can use Skype Meetings for free.

There are, of course, some limitations: Meetings are limited to 10 people for the first 60 days, and then to three people after that. And if you want to quickly ping people between meetings, you're out of luck: That's an Office 365 feature. But making the service more generally available for use with clear limits is a smart play to make sure that the service is on the radar of businesses with an increasing array of video chat options, from BlueJeans, HipChat and Google Hangouts to a video chat product that Slack has announced is coming soon.

And for those already with an Office 365 subscription, they can scale those meetings up to 250 people.

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