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Show Windows Phone Screen on PC

Q: How can I view everything on my Windows Phone on my Windows desktop?

A: Microsoft's new Project My Screen application initially runs in full-screen mode when you launch it. If you click escape, it will run in a window. (Alternatively, you can press F to toggle window/full screen.) Connect your Windows Phone to your PC via USB; when your phone displays the prompt to allow screen projection, click Yes. Once you're connected, you can customize certain items. For example, follow these steps to configure whether touch is shown on the display:

  1. Access Settings.
  2. Under System, scroll down to Project My Screen.
  3. Click advanced.
  4. Configure whether touch is shown, including the color and screen orientation. (See the figure below.)

This application works great, with no noticeable lag. It's useful for demonstrations. The following table lists several hot keys that you can use. To display these hot keys, press F1.

Key Action
F1 Help
ESC Quit to windowed mode
B Toggle background image on or off
E Toggle expanded screen mode (recommended to maximize phone view in app window)
F or Alt+Enter Toggle full screen mode
R Display frame rate
Left arrow Force device orientation to landscape left
Right arrow Force device orientation to landscape right
Up/Down arrow Force device orientation to portrait up/down
Space bar Reset device orientation (follow phone)

If you experience problems, try launching Device Manager with the phone plugged in; under Portable Devices and Universal Serial Bus Devices, delete the Windows Phone devices. Then unplug the phone from the USB and plug it in again.

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