Select using the Extend Selection mode

There are ways to select without using the mouse at all. You are familiar with directional keys, such as the arrow keys, Page Up, Page Down, Home, End, Ctrl+Home, Ctrl+End, etc. If you enable the Extend mode, those directional keys create a selection, rather than move the insertion point. There are several ways to work in Extend mode.

  • Hold the SHIFT key and use any directional key (arrows, PG UP, PG DN, HOME, END, etc.) As long as the Shift key is held, the Extend mode is enabled.

    Using the Shift key and arrow keys is an effective way to make small changes to a selection that you have made with another method.

  • Double-click the EXT indicator in the status bar. This puts Word into Extend Selection mode. Then use any directional key--the Shift key is not required. Double-click EXT again to exit Extend mode.
  • The F8 key is also used to turn on and off the Extend mode.
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