Select with the mouse

Word provides several methods to select efficiently and accurately.

Whenever you're selecting in Word, you want to be aware of the paragraph marks. Paragraph marks are a line break (the Enter key) but they also contain the formatting for the paragraph: its spacing, indentation, list style, tab stops, etc. If you want to include the formatting and line break (and you usually will) make sure to select the paragraph mark. If your paragraph marks aren't showing, they're still there -- they appear as a space at the end of a paragraph. To make paragraph marks visible, choose Tools → Options ? View and select the checkbox, Paragraph Marks.

When you move your mouse pointer into the left margin, the pointer changes into a right-pointing arrow that points back towards the text. This area of your document--the left margin--is called the selection bar. While in the selection bar you can:

  • Click to select the current line.
  • Drag down to select multiple lines.
  • Double-click to select the current paragraph.

When your mouse pointer is over text, you can:

  • Drag to select text.
  • Double-click on text to select the word.
  • Triple-click to select the paragraph.
  • CTRL+click on text to select the sentence. Hold the CTRL key and click.
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