Security UPDATE--New Worms Target Unpatched Web Servers--May 5, 2004


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1. In Focus: New Worms Target Unpatched Web Servers

2. Security News and Features

- Recent Security Vulnerabilities

- News: Problems with Microsoft's Patch MS04-011

- News: Need ISC Bind DNS Support?

- News: Network Associates to Consolidate and Change Name

- News: Microsoft Presents Antispyware Strategy

3. Instant Poll

4. Security Toolkit


- Featured Thread

5. New and Improved

- All-in-One ADSL Modem, Firewall Router, and Switch


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==== 1. In Focus: New Worms Target Unpatched Web Servers ====

by Mark Joseph Edwards, News Editor, mark at ntsecurity dot net

Last week, I wrote about the most recent security patches from Microsoft as well as new exploits that take advantage of related problems. I also mentioned that if you haven't loaded the Microsoft Security Bulletin MS04-011 (Security Update for Microsoft Windows) patch, then your systems are sitting ducks. As it turns out, duck hunting season just opened.

Several worms are now spreading and taking advantage of problems that can be remedied by the MS04-011 patch. According to the SANS Institute's Internet Storm Center, variants of the Gaobot worm target systems that don't have the MS04-011 patch. In addition, at least three variants of the Sasser worm target the same vulnerabilities.

Of course, all the companies that provide preventive measures, including makers of antivirus software and Intrusion Detection Systems, are updating their tools to provide protection. Some have also provided removal tools in case your systems have become infected by the Sasser worm variants. If your systems have become infected and you need quick help removing worms, check with your antivirus vendor to determine whether it's released Sasser removal tools.

Microsoft has released a bulletin regarding the Sasser worm as well as a tool that helps with worm removal. You can find it at the first URL below. If you need help with worm removal, remember that Microsoft provides free support for security matters. United States and Canadian residents can reach the company toll free at 866-727-2338, or anyone can go to the second URL below and click the "Send us an online request for support" link.

If you've loaded the patch already and have experienced problems or if you're considering loading the patch soon, be aware that known problems with the patch might affect your network environment. For more information, see the first News item below.


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==== 2. Security News and Features ====

Recent Security Vulnerabilities

If you subscribe to this newsletter, you also receive Security Alerts, which inform you about recently discovered security vulnerabilities. You can also find information about these discoveries at

News: Problems with Microsoft's Patch MS04-011

The Microsoft article "Your computer stops responding, you cannot log on to Windows, or your CPU usage for the System process approaches 100 percent after you install the security update that is described in Microsoft Security Bulletin MS04-011," , released on April 28, discusses problems that have been discovered in the recently released Microsoft Security Bulletin MS04-011 (Security Update for Microsoft Windows). According to the article, problems can arise on Windows 2000 OSs if any of three drivers (ipsecw2k.sys, imcide.sys, or dlttape.sys) are loaded. People might experience lockups at boot time, the inability to log on, or 100 percent CPU utilization.

News: Need ISC Bind DNS Support?

Nonprofit company Internet Software Consortium (ISC), makers of ISC Bind DNS software, have announced the availability of support contracts. You can choose 24 x 7 support, 12 x 7 support (from 8 A.M. to 8 P.M., Eastern Standard Time--EST), or 9 x 5 support (from 9 A.M. to 6 P.M., EST, Monday through Friday).

News: Network Associates to Consolidate and Change Name

Network Associates announced that the company will sell its Sniffer product line, focus exclusively on security solutions, and change its name to McAfee. Silver Lake Partners and Texas Pacific Group will buy the Sniffer technology for $275 million.

News: Microsoft Presents Antispyware Strategy

Deceptive software, also known as spyware, now accounts for more than 50 percent of the Windows failures reported to Microsoft and is becoming an important industry concern. Microsoft's partners report that spyware is the number-one support problem and is costing the industry millions of dollars a year in support costs. Microsoft and other companies detailed to the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) the steps they're taking to reduce the threat and problems spyware causes.


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==== 3. Instant Poll ====

Results of Previous Poll

The voting has closed in the Windows & .NET Magazine Network Security Web page nonscientific Instant Poll for the question, "As a security administrator, what's your most important task?" Here are the results from the 77 votes.

- 43% Security monitoring and auditing

- 13% Policy management and enforcement

- 23% Patch management

- 19% End-user education

- 1% Other

(Deviations from 100 percent are due to rounding.)

New Instant Poll

The next Instant Poll question is, "Has your company become infected by the Sasser or Gaobot worm?" Go to the Security Web page and submit your vote for

- Yes

- No

- I'm not sure

==== 4. Security Toolkit ====

FAQ: Password-Change Web Page

by John Savill,

Q: How can I create a Web page at which users can change their passwords?

A. You can write an Active Server Pages (ASP) script that creates a password-change Web page. ASP gives you complete access to Microsoft Active Directory Service Interfaces (ADSI), which lets you perform a variety of functions, such as changing passwords or creating accounts. When you write such a script, you must consider factors such as the user account under which the script will run and the permissions you want to use when the script runs. To see a script and further explanation, go to this FAQ on our Web site.

Featured Thread: Group Membership Issue (findgrp error 234)

(Three messages in this thread)

A reader writes that he has a problem with the membership of user accounts in global groups. One symptom is that some applications are not aware of local or domain administrator rights and those applications don't allow installation or configuration. When the reader executes the findgrp command (from the Microsoft Windows 2000 Resource Kit) he receives error 234, "finding global groups: Unknown Error: 234." However, the local groups are listed correctly.

The reader is using Windows XP Professional Service Pack 1 (SP1) and all patches in a Windows 2000 Server Active Directory (AD) environment. As far as he can determine, only XP systems have this problem. He thinks a particular patch might be causing the behavior and would like advice. Lend a hand or read the responses:


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==== 5. New and Improved ====

by Jason Bovberg, [email protected]

All-in-One ADSL Modem, Firewall Router, and Switch

TRENDware International announced TEW-435BRM and TW100-BRM504, all-in-one ADSL modem, firewall router, and four-port switch packages for the small office/home office (SOHO) environment. TW100-BRM504 is designed for wired networks, whereas TEW-435BRM supports both wired and 802.11g wireless networks. Advanced security features include Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) and a Rules-Based Firewall. You can control users' Internet access by URL, time, and MAC address, and you can use the product's logs and reports to monitor intrusion attempts and traffic. For more information, contact TRENDware International at 310-891-1100 or on the Web.

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