Scroogled: Make Your School Google and Ad Free

Scroogled: Make Your School Google and Ad Free

Free credit reports, obtaining home mortgages, and deals on vitamin supplements – this could be what your children are learning at school if they're using Google for search.

As part of Microsoft's continuing Scroogled campaign (the campaign exposing Google's evil side), Microsoft has released a pretty humorous ad, tying in their recently released Bing for Schools promotion. Bing for Schools is an ad-free Search environment, allowing students, teachers, and school administrators to do research without having to sift through targeted online advertisements. Another part of Bing for Schools is a program where teachers, students, and parents can use Bing Rewards to earn free Surface tablets for the school. A neat program all around. You can read all about it here:  Bing Rewards Brings Free Surface RTs to the Classroom.

In this latest Scroogled video release, Microsoft does a good job making the case for a Google-free school system.


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