Scripting Tool - 09 Sep 2003

Echoing last year's convincing win, ScriptLogic 4.14 easily grabbed the top spot in the Best Scripting Tool category. ScriptLogic combines the functionality of logon scripting, group policies, and user profile management into an intuitive point-and-click graphical management console. If the complexity and limitations of batch files, shell scripts, KiXtart, and VBScript frustrate you, ScriptLogic is the answer for your environment.

Addressing the administration of networked PCs and thin clients, ScriptLogic lets you maintain unique desktop configurations for users—regardless of where they log on. During the logon process, ScriptLogic automatically sets security policies, drive mappings, folder redirection, printers, Internet configuration, Microsoft Office paths, and Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Outlook mail profiles. Users can log on from any PC running any Windows 32-bit OS over any LAN—dial-up or VPN—and enjoy instant access to their unique desktop configuration.

By centralizing desktop management and enabling remote troubleshooting and repair, ScriptLogic reduces administrator intervention in the user's workday. The product automates redundant administrative activities and cuts costs by reducing individual workstation management requirements.

Boca Raton, Florida
561-886-2400 or
Starts at $350 for a 10-seat ScriptLogic Professional Edition license, $400 for a 10-seat ScriptLogic Enterprise Edition license, and $495 for a 25-seat ScriptLogic Small Business Edition license
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