Scripting MBSA 1.2

Microsoft employee Steve Carbone recently pointed out that Microsoft has updated sample scripts for its Baseline Security Analyzer (MBSA) 1.2. Microsoft published the updates on March 17, which was mentioned in the company's monthly Executive Circle Web cast.

You might find the scripts useful in your network environment. The first sample scans computers and writes the scan results to the target computers. Two batch files are involved: One scans systems and writes results, and the other allows non-administrative users to view the scan results.
The second sample script scans an unlimited number of computer systems using an input file that should contain a list of host names or IP addresses that you want to scan.

The third sample script can produce XML-based summary reports based on MBSA check IDs or Microsoft bulletin numbers, where the IDs or numbers are listed as part of the script execution command.

You can learn more about the MBSA 1.2 script examples and download a file that contains the scripts at the company's TechNet Web site.

You can also view a Web cast about MBSA, “Vulnerability assessment and the Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer ,” at Microsoft's Web site.

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