Satya Nadella's Twitter Account Finally Verified, Sends His First Tweet since 2010

Satya Nadella's Twitter Account Finally Verified, Sends His First Tweet since 2010

The past couple days have been an interesting one for those looking for Microsoft's newest CEO, Satya Nadella, on Twitter. Two days and two fake Twitter accounts later, Satya's profile has now attained Verified status, ensuring that those wanting to follow the new CEO can locate the correct one.

To help set the record straight about which Twitter profile is the true one, Satya delivered his very first Tweet since 2010, promising to keep providing tidbits here and there.

Satya joined Twitter in 2009 while he was still working with the Bing team at Microsoft, but his activity ended on July 11, 2010, apparently about the time he became his busiest at Microsoft when moving on to head the Server & Tools business. Under Satya's lead, Server & Tools eventually became the Cloud and Server group which has seen fantastic revenue numbers year over year – which is attributed to the final nod by the Microsoft Board to lift him to the role of CEO. Satya is a visionary who understands the true direction Microsoft must take to be successful through innovation. Let's hope his Tweets show that.

When the account was officially verified by Twitter yesterday, in 6 hours the followers went from a few hundred to over 30,000. This morning, his follower count stands at almost 75,000.

Follow Satya on Twitter at @satyanadella

I know Satya will be extra busy over the next few days, but he needs to arrange someone to fix up his Twitter profile page. It's basic and ugly, not befitting the CEO of Microsoft.

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