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SANpulse Talks IT Priorities for 2011

Server Room How about another survey? There seems to be a bunch of them flying around lately, and I'm always eager to check out the results of the more intriguing ones. SANpulse Technologies recently announced the findings of its IT survey, which provides insight into the priorities that data center managers will face over the next year, as well as the concerns surrounding the most common and difficult tasks they expect to face.

I spoke to Joy Burd, VP of Marketing Communication at SANpulse, who walked me through some of the key findings.

“The survey confirms our customers’ experiences. Data center consolidation and technology refreshes continue to be what are keeping administrators up at night,” said Burd. “Organizations rely on new technologies and consolidation to remain efficient and competitive—which can be a challenge when they're called on to do more with the same or less budget."

The SANpulse inquiry asked data center managers and decision makers at large organizations to rank data center priorities, based on importance. It also asked individuals to rank which projects on their 2011 IT roadmap are expected to be the most challenging and difficult to deal with. Key findings from respondents included the following:

  • 51 percent of respondents indicated that technology refreshes were the top priority for 2011, highlighting that mean time to migrate (MTTM) was critical for rapid adoption of new technologies and fast execution of these operations. This was followed by data center consolidation, which 41.5 percent of respondents indicated was a top concern. 34.5 percent of respondents indicated the intent to migrate to a public or private cloud; 32.7 percent expect to transition to a virtualized SAN); 26.5 percent said that SAN optimization or re-tiering was a priority; and 21 percent cited diversification of storage hardware as a top priority.
  • 39 percent responded that multi-departmental coordination was a top concern. 35 percent said that server remediation, SAN configuration errors, asset discovery, and multi-departmental coordination were all challenging issues.
  • 41.5 percent of the respondents said that only 0-20 percent of their migrations were completed on time and on budget. 62 percent said that 40 percent or fewer migrations completed on time and within budget. Finally, 79 percent have had less than 60 percent of their migrations meet their budgetary/time requirements.

The 2011 Enterprise Data Center Survey was conducted in December, 2010, and included more than 100 large enterprises across a range of industries.

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