Review: Syncwire 4-Port USB Wall Charger

USB chargers are one thing you can never have enough of – particularly in my house. And, if your family and your travel needs are like mine, these are one of the handiest gadgets in the house. Having the ability to charge multiple devices at once, in a convenient place, produces constant appreciation.

I’ve been particularly impressed with the Syncwire 4-port USB wall charge. Its compact size has made it a permanent fixture in our family room. We’ve plugged it into one of our electrical outlets and just left it there. The kids can charge their devices while watching TV or playing the Xbox One.

I have a couple USB multi-port chargers that I usually travel with, but would love to take this one for a spin on my next trip. However, it might prove difficult wrenching this from the hands of my family just to test, so I plan on snagging another one. Again…you can’t have too many of these things.

Features and specs:

  • International USB charger with US UK EU Interchangeable adapters for 110v-220 voltage.
  • 4 Ports (2×2.4A + 2×1A) for charging up to four devices at the same time.
  • Ports automatically adapt to the proper output for each connected device.
  • Portable Size, ideal for traveling.
  • Durable. Sturdy Polycarbonate shell.
  • Equipped with "smart IC" to protect against overheating, over-loading, and over-charging.

The Syncwire plug charger is available from Amazon ($19.99): USB Charger Plug Syncwire 4-Port Wall Charger with US UK EU International Travel Adaptor

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