Relieve Your SharePoint Pressure Points

Our eLearning workshops are like acupuncture for your IT knowledge

I’m a big fan of moral values. Kindness, sharing, and all that jazz have always been pretty high on my priority list. So when SharePoint came out, I didn’t need to know what it was; I was immediately sold. Technology with the word “share” right there in its name and built for collaboration sounded pretty warm and fuzzy to me. Looking through my rose-colored Savvy glasses, I could make out endless possibilities for collaboration, teamwork, and cooperation—maybe even peace on earth. But now, I can clearly see that for IT pros, SharePoint has become more of a pressure cooker than a peacemaker.

      In the web-exclusive article “Betting on SharePoint” (May 2008, InstantDoc ID 99317), Gayle Rodcay quotes Syrinx CEO Andrew Gelina: “What's happening is that the business folks are clamoring for SharePoint and the IT folks are so overworked that often they're hesitant to take on a new platform. But with the people who use it, it grows like a weed. They start to get familiar with the platform, see its potential, and put pressure on IT departments to make it do more." Pressuring overworked IT pros doesn’t seem very collaborative to me. In fact, it sounds a whole lot like bullying. What’s next—CFOs stealing employees’ lunch money?

      Well I’m here to lead by example and show those corporate meanies what teamwork is all about. I found some SharePoint eLearning workshops that can help you extend your knowledge and meet corporate expectations.

      Join SharePoint MVPs Dan Holme, Michael Noel, and Andrew Connell on September 30 and October 1 as they walk you through in-depth SharePoint how-tos. There are three sessions built just for IT pros and three more that are specialized for developers. Choose the seminar that’s right for you, or attend both.


Mastering SharePoint for IT Pros

Learn how to customize field types, create scheduled services, and go further with the Content Query Web Part with MVP Andrew Connell in three sessions:

·         Creating Custom Field Types and Controls for SharePoint Sites

·         Creating and Debugging Custom Timer Jobs in Windows SharePoint Services

·         Leveraging the Content Query Web Part to Its Full Potential.


Mastering SharePoint for Developers

Learn how to build a better SharePoint infrastructure and enable powerful collaboration with MVPs Dan Holme and Michael Noel in three sessions:

·         21st Century File Sharing: Configuring and Managing Document Libraries

·         Building Code-Free SharePoint Applications and Business Intelligence Lite

·         Forms-Based Authentication and Extranet Deployment Options for SharePoint 2007.


For more information about these eLearning seminars and to determine which is the best fit for you and your team, go to


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