Registry Management Tool - 14 Sep 2004

For the second straight year, ScriptLogic has scored a victory as Best Registry Management Tool, lunging ahead of its competitors by a significant margin. This year, readers focused specifically on the enterprise edition of the desktop-administration software, acknowledging its ease of use and outstanding remote capabilities.

By combining the functionality of logon scripting, Group Policy, and user-profile management, ScriptLogic Enterprise lets you centrally configure desktops without needing to visit client machines. ScriptLogic Enterprise reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) by letting you accomplish such repetitive configurations as drive mappings, application installations, security settings, roaming profiles, time synchronization, printer additions, and--most important for this award--registry modifications from a central console. The product gives you complete control of each client machine's registry so that you can add and delete keys and modify values en masse. The product's intuitive Management Console and Validation Logic permit remote modification.

561-886-2400 or 800-813-6415
2nd Place — Remedy Flashboards
3rd Place — IntelliPolicy for Clients
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