Recovering Lost Partitions

I have a system with four partitions. I wanted to create a clean Windows 2000 installation on one partition while leaving the other partitions intact. During Win2K Setup, I chose the Delete partition option on Setup's disk-management screen—and much to my dismay, all four partitions disappeared. I've used a few disk utilities to examine the disk and all my data seems to be intact. Can I rewrite the lost partition entries to recover the partition information?

A third-party data-recovery tool such as Ontrack's EasyRecovery might be useful in your situation. You can download a free trial version of EasyRecovery to determine what, if anything, the utility will be able to recover. (For more product ideas, see Buyer's Guide, "Disk Recovery Tools," June 2003,, InstantDoc ID 38937.) If third-party software can't help, you might consult a data-recovery firm such as Ontrack, Data Recovery Services, or DriveSavers Data Recovery.

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