Recent Tests Reveal iSCSI Maturity

   The University of New Hampshire Research Computing Center InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL) completed interoperability tests of Internet SCSI (iSCSI) this month and reports that the results show that the technology has reached its maturity. UNH-IOL's tests involved testing iSCSI devices to see whether they conform to the iSCSI standard, which the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) finalized and approved last year. "The interoperability and conformance tests we ran turned in high success rates," said Stephen Schaeffer, UNH-IOL iSCSI Consortium manager. "To me, that says that whatever the market is or isn't buying this month, iSCSI is not only ready for prime time, but poised for eventual widespread adoption." Industry experts expect companies to adopt iSCSI much more widely within the next year or so, but the technology faces intense competition in the enterprise from the more established Fibre Channel standard.
   For the past 3 years, the nonprofit UNH-IOL has been involved in iSCSI standard development and has hosted a series of industrywide test events. In the most recent of those events, only a handful of vendors participated: ATTO Technology, Crossroads Systems, EMC, Empirix, Finisar, I-TECH, Intransa, iVivity, Microsoft, Network Appliance (NetApp), Silverback Systems, and Xiran. UNH-IOL plans to continue to hold testing events and hopes for more industry involvement in the future.

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