Readying Windows 10 for the Xbox One

Readying Windows 10 for the Xbox One

Officially Microsoft has told us that Windows 10 is installed on 75 million devices including 1.5 million installs of the Enterprise version of the new operating system.

More recent speculation now puts that number anywhere between 81 and 100 million installations of Windows 10 globally.

When I asked Microsoft about these new estimations for the momentum of Windows 10 I was told there was nothing new to share beyond the official numbers in the opening paragraph of this story.

So, while we wait for updated numbers, we do know that the overall number of devices running Windows 10 is about to get a shot in the arm come November as Microsoft’s Xbox One Console will be upgraded to Windows 10.

Unlike the Windows 10 upgrade for Windows 7/8.1 systems, which are eligible for the free upgrade but not yet mandated to install it, the Xbox One upgrade to Windows 10 will be mandatory for all  the console owners. Just like past console updates, if someone chooses not to upgrade then they will lose the ability to be online until they do.

Leading up to the November distribution of Windows 10 for the Xbox One it will be tested by members of the Xbox One Preview program with priority giving to those who have submitted the most feedback on past preview builds. After that, Microsoft will slowly add more program members to the test until the software is ready for all Xbox One owners in November.

Mike Ybarra, the Director of Program Management for Xbox, provided more details about what the Windows 10 upgrade brings to the console

  • Play your Xbox 360 games on Xbox One. Over 100 available and growing.
  • A new Guide lets you quickly access essentials with just one button press to save time spent weaving in and out of apps.
  • We’re redesigning Home to make it faster and easier to get to the things you love. We’re introducing a faster and easier interface to provide access to games and apps you’ve recently used.
  • We’re introducing a new Community section to make Xbox One more social.
  • The revamped OneGuide will be your single destination for TV, movies and video apps.
  • We’re optimizing Store to help you quickly find the content you want.

I believe the new Xbox One Console dashboard with Windows 10 is going to look a lot like the current Xbox app we have on Windows 10. There will surely be some tweaks and maybe even an updated version of the app for desktop Windows 10 users once the console version is released.

Windows 10 Xbox App

The invitation to the New Xbox One Experience preview will arrive as an Xbox Live message on your console and requires a separate opt in to the normal preview program. If you choose not to try out Windows 10 on the Xbox One, you will still retain your membership in the standard Xbox One Preview program.

Of course, once the new console is finalized in November it is going to be pushed to everyone with an Xbox One anyway so that reprieve will be short lived.

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