RAS and RRAS Solution - 09 Sep 2003

Although Windows OSs provide RAS and RRAS capabilities so that off-site users can connect to a company's network, the OSs don't provide a comprehensive means of accurately monitoring or effectively managing this doorway to the network. Bandwidth shortages or surpluses, security dangers, poor load balancing, and other problems can arise.

NORTHERN Parklife's RasTracker lets you monitor and control RAS and RRAS. RasTracker lets you define a maximum session time per user, per group, or per resource. You can also enforce idle-timeout rules to prevent users from leaving connections open but not using those connections.

To enhance security, RasTracker lets you to prevent concurrent logons and denies access to a second client trying to log on with a user account that's already in use. RasTracker logs all connection and disconnection activities, providing a history of RAS use within your system.

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