R2R Contest Winners

Last month, Scripting Pro VIP ran a Reader to Reader (R2R) contest to showcase the continued usefulness of .cmd, .bat, .vbs, and .js code, despite Windows PowerShell's entrance into the scripting scene. (See "Windows Shell and WSH Scripting—Still Useful After All These Years.") Readers were asked to send in their .cmd, .bat, .vbs, or .js scripts and reusable code snippets (e.g., functions, subroutines) along with a description of why they wrote the code and how it works. For each submission, they were entered into a drawing for three $25 gift certificates for Amazon.com.

I'm happy to announce that the winners are (drum roll please):

  • Rick Bridges for his submission of DisplayLastLogonInfo.vbs. Rick discovered that Windows Vista has a feature that security-minded administrators might find useful: You can configure Vista to display previous logon information when a user logs on. However, this feature works only when the Vista workstation is in a workgroup or a member of a Windows Server 2008 domain. Wanting to use this feature in a Windows Server 2003 domain, he wrote DisplayLastLogonInfo.vbs.
  • Oscar Perez for his submission of DeleteMultipleFolders.vbs. Oscar discovered a problem with an application designed to create a folder in the user’s profile folder under Application Data. He found that the application was also creating a second folder with the same name and same files. So, he wrote DeleteMultipleFolders.vbs and added it to users' logon scripts so that the duplicate folders are deleted when users log on.
  • Jeff Price for his submission of UpdateDefsV2.bat. Jeff uses UpdateDefsV2.bat to keep Symantec virus signatures in his company's server build files current.

Thanks to all the people who sent me their R2R submissions. Although the R2R contest has ended, you can send me your R2R submissions at any time. It's your chance to showcase the code you worked so hard to write.

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