Quantum/ATL Announces High-Density Tape Library

Quantum/ATL announced the P7000 and P4000 enterprise-class libraries, next-generation automated-tape libraries based on the successful architecture and features of the P3000 and P2000 tape libraries. Both new libraries represent the highest-density enterprise tape libraries on the market today.

The P7000 has as many as 16 tape drives and 679 cartridges, with as much as 149TB of capacity and 1.7TB per hour of performance. The P7000 scales to 64 drives, 2500 slots for more than 500TB of capacity (using Super DLTtape drives), and more than 7TBph of performance (Linear Tape-Open--LTO--Ultrium drives). The P4000 has as many as 10 tape drives and 322 cartridges, with as much as 70TB of capacity and one TBph of performance. The P4000 can scale to the same configuration and capacity as the P7000.

The P7000 and P4000 support multiple-drive technologies. The P7000 and P4000 will accommodate DLT 8000, Super DLTtape drives, or LTO Ultrium tape drives. The libraries feature flexible configurations and network versatility, with connectivity options for SCSI, fibre channel, Gigabit Ethernet, or mixed-interface environments. Both are fully backward compatible with the P3000 and P2000 expansion option and offer hot-swap, hot-plug tape drives, power modules and fans for online replacement and optional redundant AC power, power supplies, and fans for high availability.


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