Q. What's new in Zune 4?

A. Zune 4 was released September 15. It adds support for the new Zune HD devices, as shown here. Zune 4 is available as a download from Microsoft and as part of Microsoft Update for both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms.

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Here are some of the major new features.

A new screen that, by default, shows the newest media added to the computer and the most recently played media. There's a section where media can be pinned and therefore always available, as shown here. To pin an item, simply right-click it and select Pin to Quickplay.

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Smart DJ
This feature allows you to enter the name of an artist. Zune automatically produces a mix of all songs by that artist from your local collection and from Zune Marketplace, as well as artists who have similar sounds. It works pretty well.

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Mini Player Mode
A new minimal player mode is available that will always stay on top of other applications and gives easy access to basic controls.

Zune toolbar
If the Zune toolbar is enabled, when Zune is minimized you'll have a Zune toolbar that gives a thumbnail of the information and basic controls.

Windows 7 Integration
The Windows 7 jumplist gives fast access to the Quickplay and Smart DJ functions in addition to shuffle commands.

It will also be possible to download and rent movies and TV shows using the Zune software in the future.

Download the software from Microsoft Update or from Microsoft's site. Related Reading:

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