Q. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds are not updated in Internet Explorer 7?

Your RSS feeds are not updated in Internet Explorer 7.

This behavior can occur if a connectivity issue with the feed server prevents updates, or if the update frequency is too long, or the local feed data is corrupted.

To resolve this behavior:

01. Visit the Web site that hosts the server-side RSS to verify that they are updating and available.

02. Use the View menu to press Explorer Bar and Feeds.

03. Right-click a feed in the Feeds pane and press refresh to see if the content changes.

04. Right-click the feed from step 03 and press Properties.

05. Press the Settings button in the Update schedule area.

06. Make sure that an appropriate value, like 4 hours, or less, is selected in the Default schedule area.

07. Press OK and OK.

08. If you still experience problems, follow the steps 05 - 17 in RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds are not listed in Internet Explorer 7 or you cannot subscribe to RSS feeds?

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