Q. I've installed the Data Protection Manager (DPM) 2010 Management Shell on a computer but when I try to run the GUI I get an error saying the DPM service can't be found. Why?

A. The DPM 2010 Management Shell can be installed on non-DPM servers, letting PowerShell manage DPM remotely. As part of the DPM Management Shell installation, the DPM MMC snap-in console is included in the bin folder, but the DPM MMC console won't run remotely—it can only be run on the DPM server itself, which is why no link to the MSC file is placed on the Start menu during installation of the DPM 2010 Management Shell. If you want to run the DPM Management MMC snap-in, you need to log on (locally or remotely) to the DPM server.

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