Q. IIS log file entries have an incorrect date and time stamp?

The date and the time stamp on entries in the IIS log files have an incorrect date and time stamp compared to the local time on the server.

This behavior occurs because the log file format is W3C Extended Log File Format which always logs in GMT.

NOTE: IIS 6.0 on Windows Server 2003 significantly increases Web infrastructure security.

To resolve this issue, you can change the active logging format to the Microsoft IIS Log File Format, which logs in the server's local time, or you can use the %SystemRoot%\System32\Convlog.exe utility, which enters the GMT offset into each entry, so that it is apparent that the date and time are not local.

To syntax for using the Convlog.exe utility is:

convlog -ie LogFileName -t ncsa:+/-GMTOffset

where LogFileName is the name of the file to convert and GMTOffset is the number of hours to correct.

To convert Logfile.log to EST (Eastern Standard Time):

convlog -ie Logfile.log -t ncsa:-0500

NOTE: See Extended Log File Format.

NOTE: See 194699 Extended Log File Format Always in GMT

NOTE: See 193612 Log Files Rolled Over According to GMT, Not Local Time Zone

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