Q. I have a collection of temporary Microsoft Office files that all start with ~. How can I easily delete them?

A. Each time you don't cleanly close an Office document you'll get one or more temporary files left behind that start with the tilde (~) character. An easy way to see them all is to open a command prompt then run

dir /ah /s d:\documents\~*.*

The /ah tells the system to look for hidden files and /s tells it to search sub folders. d:\documents is my root folder for documents, but yours will likely be different. To delete them, just replace dir with del.

D:\Documents>del /ah /s ~*.*
Deleted file - D:\Documents\Articles\WindowsITPro\~$curity Special 2010.doc
Deleted file - D:\Documents\Articles\WindowsITPro\~WRL0003.tmp
Deleted file - D:\Documents\Articles\WindowsITPro\~WRL0856.tmp
Deleted file - D:\Documents\Articles\WindowsITPro\VDI Part 2\~$I Part 2.docx
Deleted file - D:\Documents\Articles\WindowsITPro\VDI Part 2\~WRL0003.tmp
Deleted file - D:\Documents\Articles\WindowsITPro\Windows 2008 R2 SP1\~$ndows 20
08 R2 SP1.docx
Deleted file - D:\Documents\Template objects\~$TechEd_image_resource_partA.pptx
Deleted file - D:\Documents\Template objects\~$Virtualization objects.pptx
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