Q. How do I set a Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) country-specific quick-complete string?

A. The Ctrl + Enter combination is great for adding "http://www." and ".com" to the search text already entered. To establish a regional quick-complete string for the Ctrl + Shift + Enter key combination through the GUI, open IE, go to the Tools menu, and select Internet Options. Near the bottom of the Internet Options page is the Appearances section. Click the Languages button. At the bottom of the Language Preference dialog box, enter the suffix for your country, such as ".uk," for the United Kingdom, and click OK.

This quick-complete string is set under the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar\QuickComplete registry key in the string value ShiftQuickCompleteSuffix. ShiftQuickCompletePrefix is a Dword value that suppresses the "www." at the beginning of the text entered. The Prefix default is 0 to allow adding "www." to the start of the text.

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