Q. How do I migrate my Microsoft Exchange 2003 Server anti-spam configuration to Exchange 2007 Server?

A. Microsoft offers an anti-spam migration tool at http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=805EAF35-EBB3-43D4-83E4-A4CCC7D88C10&displaylang=en. It reads settings from Active Directory (AD) and converts them into PowerShell commands that can be executed on hub or edge transport servers to create an Exchange 2007 anti-spam configuration. Go to the folder where the files were placed during the installation—by default, this location will be C:\Program Files\Exchange2007AntiSpamMigration\ Exchange2007AntiSpamMigration.exe. Run the tool. It will output a PowerShell script named MigratedSettings.ps1. Copy the MigratedSettings.ps1 file to the hub and edge transport servers. Launch Exchange PowerShell ,and run the MigratedSettings.ps1 script. Then, verify that all anti-spam settings were imported to the hub and edge servers.

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