Q. How can I monitor the hash generations and bytes served from an IIS server with BranchCache enabled?

A. Servers with BranchCache enabled have a set of BranchCache Kernel Mode Perfmon counters that give a good idea of the state of the BranchCache, as shown here.

BranchCache Kernel Counters

Some of the key counters include:

  • BranchCache aware HTTP Requests: Number of HTTP requests received that are BranchCache aware
  • Client Cache Miss Bytes: Content served by the server because it was not available in the branch
  • Projected Server Bytes Without Caching: How much data would have been sent from the server if BranchCache weren't enabled
  • Server Cache Miss Bytes: Data served because no hashes were locally available on the server
  • Total Hash Generations Accepted: Hash generations for data requested
  • Total Hash Retrievals Accepted: Hash values given to clients
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