Q. How can I manually install the Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS) Advanced Client?

A. You can install the SMS Advanced Client manually by running the following command on the system on which you want to install the client:

\\&ltsms server&gt\smsclient\i386\capinst /advclient

The Capinst program is the method that Microsoft recommends for installing the Advanced Client through a logon script. Capinst checks for existing SMS clients (Advanced and Legacy), installs the Advanced Client if it finds the Legacy client on the system, then ends execution with hardly any overhead. If Capinst finds that the Advanced Client is already installed, Capinst doesn't install it. If no logon script exists on the client, you can still install the Advanced Client manually by running the command

%0\..\capinst.exe /advcli

This method assumes that all files needed to install the SMS Advanced Client (e.g., ccmsetup, capinst) have been placed in the Netlogon folder.

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