Q. How can I cause a domain controller to re-register its DNS records without having to STOP and START its' NetLogon service?

Stopping and starting the NetLogon service on a DC (Domain Controller) will cause it to re-register its' DNS records.

You can use NLTEST.EXE from the Support Tools with the /dsregdns switch to force a local or remote DC to re-register its' DNS records.

The syntax is:

nltest \[/server:ComputerName.MyDomain.COM\] /dsregdns

When I typed nltest /server:JSI001.JSIINC.COM /dsregdns on my Windows XP workstation, I received:

Flags: 0
Connection Status = 0 0x0 NERR_Success
The command completed successfully

NOTE: See How can I un-register all the DNS records for a domain controller?

TAGS: Windows 8
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