Q: Do I have to configure my workstations to register in DNS for Active Directory to function?

A: Dynamic DNS is recommended in Active Directory (AD) environments as it means domain controllers (DCs) can register all their necessary service records. Additionally, members of the domain can register entries in DNS, enabling them to be easily located. This includes workstations. However, this isn’t required for AD to work.

Some companies do disable workstation registration in DNS, although I wouldn't recommend disabling Dynamic DNS totally, as the number of manual records you would need to add for a DC is a lot of work and any error could render the domain unusable.

Note that certain functions won’t work correctly if you stop workstations registering in DNS, such as the Manage function within Active Directory Users and Computers. Additionally, other software might expect all computers to register in DNS, so you should perform testing before disabling the workstation DNS registration.

TAGS: Windows 8
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