Pump Up the Volume

"Entry-level but big in features" is how Onkyo describes its upgraded TX-SR502 receiver. Onkyo's assessment is accurate—for $300, you get the receiver with several upgrades from previous versions, including an increase to 6.1 channels with 75 watts of power each.

The TX-SR502 includes 6.1 channel processing for Dolby Digital Surround EX and DTS-ES and High-Definition Television (HDTV)–capable component video switching. The TX-SR502 has 50MHz component video switching that lets the receiver switch high-definition video signals without degrading video quality. With two component video inputs and one video output, four audio/video (A/V) composite inputs and two outputs with S-video connections, plus front panel audio/video (A/V) composite and S-video inputs, the receiver readily connects with portable and other devices. The TX-SR502 has four assignable digital audio inputs with one coaxial and three optical connectors, connections for CD player and audio recorder, and a subwoofer preamplifier output. The receiver also has an AM/FM tuner and is available in black and silver.

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