PSA: Microsoft Band Torx Screws Cause for Clasp Issues?

PSA: Microsoft Band Torx Screws Cause for Clasp Issues?

If you watch the communities, you might get a sense that the Microsoft Band 2 has manufacturing or design faults. I guess it probably doesn’t help, too, that I cover those here on SuperSite, but really the reported issues are from a minority. The majority of Band owners have experienced no issues.

Still, I think it’s important to expose potential issues so other Band owners can avoid problems. For example, I recently talked about a possible solution to reports of Band 2 battery issues. So, where possible, I like to make sure that issue is raised, but raised with a resolution in tow. In that earlier report about battery issues, I noted that the cause of the battery failures could also be attributed to a broken clasp in some cases.

I was contacted recently by a source who believes he might have an answer to the majority of clasp breakage problems. To get the details behind the story there’s a report on as well as in the Microsoft Answers forums: Clasp broke within 2 months and Microsoft will NOT repair or replace it

Microsoft Answers forums: Microsoft Band 2 Broken Clasp

In essence, when removing the Band 2 from the magnetic charging cable the metal clasp breaks apart and stays attached to the cable’s magnet.

Here’s what my source has to say about this:

The Torx screws holding the clasp in place are NOT made of aluminum like the rest of the clasp.  Moisture (from sweat) causes these screws to corrode and disintegrate ever so slightly.  This is probably exacerbated from the slight stress of bending the band (with proper use) ever so slightly when putting on the band or removing it. The corrosion is enough to either cause the screws to loosen or to cause the heads of the screws to become small enough to slip through the holes on the inner cover (the part that looks like a "face") of the clasp mechanism.  Lastly, the powerful magnet in the charger also compounds this issue by pulling on those (now loosened) screws when removing the band from its charger.

I suspect that users who don't engage in frequent rigorous activity with their band 2, may not experience this problem or just may not have experienced it yet. 

This happened to me and I have actually purchased another band 2 and this time I have used an exacto knife to cut a tiny piece of clear packing tape to place over the Torx screws to prevent the introduction of moisture and to "catch" the screws if they yet manage to loosen.  I plan to check the condition of this tape each time I charge the device and will replace it as needed.

At a minimum, getting the word out (PSA) to your followers who might have experienced this issue might generate some better "fixes" than my "chewing gum and bobby-pin" solution.

I’m guessing that Microsoft is denying warranty claims for this issue because they believed that they “fixed” the similar issue that happened with the original Band device (as you reported here:

Incidentally, the Torx screws in the Microsoft Band 2 clasp require a T4 bit. I don’t recommend messing with an item under warranty, but if you feel the need to try and tighten your screws, that’s the bit you’ll need. has a slew of kits available that contain the T4 bit (and smaller). Here’s the one that I have: Anseahawk 38 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Repair Tool Set Kit

Thanks to the source for reaching out to report his findings. And, again – just because I report on something like this doesn’t mean it’s a huge, sweeping problem. I love my Microsoft Band and have personally had zero problems. Of course, that doesn’t mean I won’t, either. So, I totally appreciate anyone and everyone willing to share their own experiences in the event I do face my own dilemma – and to help the growing community of Microsoft Band users.

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