PRODUCTS: Don't Touch That Keyboard

SnapStream introduced the Firefly PC Remote, a wireless device that lets you control third-party applications on your PC without touching your mouse or keyboard. In fact, the device lets you control applications while you're in a room where you computer isn't located.

The remote uses Radio Frequency (RF) technology to interact with your PC so you can control applications through walls and other obstacles. Beyond Media Basic, the software that comes with the remote, uses a full-screen interface that lets you control applications from across the room. The remote has a variety of buttons to help you run applications away from your keyboard: You can use the Minimize and Close buttons when you're done with an application; you can enable Mouse Mode and explore applications using a directional pad in the center of the remote by pressing the Mouse button; and you can launch any compatible application on your PC from the Beyond Media Basic menu. The remote is compatible with more than 80 applications, including Napster, RealPlayer, CinemaNow, Windows Media Player (WMP), SnapStream Beyond TV, and Ulead Photo Explorer. The Firefly PC Remote costs $49.99.

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