Product Review: Omaker 5 Port USB Desktop Charger

Product Review: Omaker 5 Port USB Desktop Charger

Forest Gump would've really liked this USB desktop charger from Omaker. Simple is as simple does.

I have, sitting on my desk right now, the Omaker 5 Port USB Desktop Charger and I'm loving it. Not because it's something totally fantastic, but because the value is evident and extraordinary. And, maybe that's the true beauty of this compact piece of technology – it doesn't have to be special to be a worthy addition to my computing needs.

The contents of the package is as simple as the device itself. Inside, is the charger, a power cable, and a short fold-out manual. Just plug it in and go.

The manufacturer, Omaker, touts this little charger as the "most powerful desktop charger ever." Seriously – they do. I'm not sure I can stand behind that claim, but really it doesn't have to be the most powerful, just the most functional to win me over. And, it does.

At its core, the Omaker 5-port USB Desktop Charger is just that, a USB charging device. It offers 5 USB charging ports and provides no other function. It doesn't have a pass-through for USB-to-PC connections like some USB hubs do, it just looks good on the desk, is highly portable for traveling, and delivers charging power for up to 5 devices.

The charger does offer some unique value, though, but still keeps it simple to use because you don't have to think about it. Most USB chargers offer one or two charging ports, at varying power levels, forcing you to consider which devices to connect to which ports. The Omaker USB charger utilizes smart technology to automatically detect the connected device's power requirements to deliver the fastest possible charge over all 5 ports. It provides 40 watts through the 5 ports so you can simultaneously charge a combination of power-hungry devices. A built-in voltage regulator ensures a full 5V output but due to the smart technology will supply only the maximum charge allowed by the device. In this way, you don’t need to pick a port, just plug in whatever device needs a charge into any of the 5 ports and the device handles the rest.

Bottom Line

This is a wonderful addition to my desk. As you've probably already guessed during your time here on SuperSite, I test a lot of devices. Most of those devices come with fat plug chargers that annoyingly taking the space of two wall outlet ports. The Omaker charger gives me 5 free ports, providing maximum charge for my devices at all times, and does so in a small space to help eliminate clutter. It's small, light and portable, meaning it's easy to travel with and provides a number of devices with charging capacity in a hotel room with a limited number of power outlets.

I'll probably end up buying a second one, at least, and maybe more to outfit my entire house.

It's available on Amazon for around $25: Omaker Premium 40W 5V/8.5A 5-Port lightning Speed Desktop USB Charger with Smart Output Technology

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