Product Review: Jackery Air 6 Battery Charger and External Battery Pack

Sleek, compact, portable, sturdy, and powerful. Those are the terms I'd use to adequately capture the full-breadth of capabilities for the new Jackery Air 6.

Jackery, the company that manufactures the Air 6, touts it as being designed for Apple iPhones and iPads. I guess if you're looking to excite a specific audience, you can't go wrong promoting to the i-crowd, but the Air 6 works for any device that utilizes a USB connection for charging. It does come with a USB to Lightning adapter cable (hence, "designed for i-stuff"), but also just a standard USB cable for everyone else.

When traveling, I always carry an external battery pack just in case, and actually do use them pretty regularly. I've never been without power for my devices, but I'm a power hound. It makes me happy to see a full battery, particularly when I'm getting ready to touchdown in a new city and have to connect with folks once on the ground. And, it seems with each trip I'm always trying out a new charging device. I have a trip to Redmond coming up and I'll be taking the Air 6 along to give it a proper test.

However, I've already been able to test this new device for the last week and happy to say that it’s a very capable carry-along. It's small and thin and fits great in my hand, but the size also lends itself to fitting inside the same pocket as my smartphone. This allows me to charge my smartphone while just walking around the airport terminal and no one is the wiser. In relation to how much juice you can glean from the Air 6…

  • iPhone 6 Plus - 2915 mAh (one full charge)

  • iPhone 6 - 1810 mAh (1.6x charge)

  • iPhone 5/5s - 1560 mAh (almost 2 full charges)

  • Galaxy S5 - 2800 mAh (one full charge)

  • Galaxy S6 - 2550 mAh (1.2x charge)

And, it works for tablets, too. The 3000 mAh battery is powerful enough to charge a smartphone to full capacity, or add 10 extra hours of talk time, but also to supply a tablet with enough juice to surf the Internet, watch a movie, or spend time catching up on email.

Take a look through the gallery above to get a better idea of the size and capability of the Jackery Air 6.

You can snag one for around $40 from Jackery Air 6 – 3,000 mAh Battery Charger/External Battery Pack

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