Product Review: Inateck Wireless Bluetooth Portable Keyboard

Product Review: Inateck Wireless Bluetooth Portable Keyboard

Bluetooth keyboards are a dime a dozen. Since the inception of the iPad, many companies have released their own keyboards to accommodate portability and provide for tablets and smartphones. If you're like me, you can put up with on-screen keyboards for a time, but there's nothing like having a solid, physical keyboard. That's a good reason why the Surface Pro 3 is so valuable to me. In just a few seconds I can switch between tablet mode and keyboard mode just by swinging the keyboard around from the back.

There are those that have suggested that in the future, keyboards will be obsolete, but I highly doubt that. The only thing that might come close to replacing a fully functioning keyboard is voice. And, while that has leapfrogged into the future in the last couple years, we're still quite a ways off. No, give me a keyboard and I'll provide you with productivity that will boggle your brain.

But, while keyboards are a dime a dozen, there are some very good ones available. A good keyboard, particularly one designed for portability, has to have certain attributes, otherwise it's not much better than struggling through using the on-screen version.

I've recently been able to travel with and test a solid performer from Inateck. The Inateck Wireless Bluetooth Portable Keyboard (a mouthful, for sure) provides every attribute you would expect in a valuable peripheral designed to be portable and solid. The wealth of features and strong design makes this keyboard truly stand out.

First off, the Inateck keyboard is light and thin. Measuring in at just 4.33m thick, it adds almost no additional weight to your travel gear. The length of the keyboard is exactly the length of the Surface Pro 3, ensuring that the keyboard will fit inside any bag you've adopted for your Microsoft tablet. Shown in the image, the keyboard is as thin as the Kindle reader I travel with.

Secondly, the keyboard is solid. The back of the keyboard is housed in a thin layer of stainless steel, making it extremely sturdy. If I'm ever in a situation where I need something to clobber an assailant, I have no doubt this will be the first thing I grab.

Third, its feature rich. Shown in the next image, it houses a standard USB charging port. It comes with a charging cable and you can use any USB port to give the keyboard a necessary charge, even while continuing to use it. Of course, the keyboard touts long battery life, with 30 days of standby, so you won't have to charge often. I've used it for a couple weeks already and have not had to charge it yet.

Additionally, the keyboard offers specific functions for multiple platforms. It works with Android, Windows, and iOS.

And, of course, the keyboard supports Bluetooth, allowing you to connect it to any qualified device.

A lot of times, to provide portability, keyboard makers will skimp on size, causing those with fat fingers or large hands to suffer. The Inateck keyboard is just the right size to accommodate fast typers without giving hand cramps from prolonged use. And, the non-slip pads on the back, mean that even speed demon typists can blaze through an email response without losing ground.

Bottom Line: Obviously, since the Surface Pro 3 is my primary (and, only) computer right now, I don't need a separate keyboard. But, if I did, this is the keyboard I would choose.

The Inateck Wireless Bluetooth Portable Keyboard is available from Amazon for around $27. You can find it here:

Inateck Wireless Bluetooth Portable Keyboard for Micosoft Surface Pro, Apple iMac/ iPad/ iPad mini/ Samsung Galaxy Tab & Smart phone


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