Preview Microsoft's New Online Answers Engine: CuratedAnswers

Preview Microsoft's New Online Answers Engine: CuratedAnswers

CuratedAnswers is a new Microsoft project intent on building a central location for the best technical content on the web. 

Around the MMS 2013 time-frame I participated in helping Microsoft develop a new idea for building community around questions and answers, similar to what you may have experienced with sites like Quora.  IMO, Quora was a great concept out of the gate, but the site has become unwieldy, ugly, and boring.

I'm happy to announce that an iteration of that idea has been posted up on the web. The site is still in development, so URLs and curations may change, but you can take a preview now to get a feel for what Microsoft is producing. Right now, you can login with a Microsoft profile and submit your own "curations." You can also sift through the curations that are already available, but good luck finding something useful without a search feature (coming soon).

The idea behind CuratedAnswers is that there's a good deal of valuable technical information on the web, sometimes stowed away in the far reaches of the netherworld. Those who choose to participate and provide content in communities like WindowsITPro and get the most immediate exposure. A lot of times, though, the best information gets overlooked and small bloggers don't get consumed by the big search engines, but that doesn't mean the content isn't valuable. And, then there's the Microsoft content factor where there's just so much information strewn across so many different Microsoft properties that it's hard to locate just the right piece of information.  CuratedAnswers seeks to solve that problem by allowing the community to develop topics with links to the best solutions.

Try it out when you get a chance:

Feedback is hugely appreciated.


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