Preventing Naming Conflicts During a Domain Upgrade

We're getting ready to upgrade our Windows NT domain, which contains two NT 4.0 domain controllers (DCs), to Windows 2000, and we're going to implement Active Directory (AD). We use a mix of Windows clients running everything from Windows XP to Windows 98 Second Edition (Win98SE). The name of our NT domain includes an underscore (_). Will this character cause any problems when we upgrade?

No. You can configure the Win2K DNS server to allow or disallow the use of UTF-8 characters, such as the underscore. Open the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) DNS snap-in. Select the Win2K DNS server and open its Properties dialog box. Go to the Advanced tab and select Non RFC (ANSI) from the Name checking drop-down list. Select Non RFC (ANSI) to permit the use of the underscore in a name.

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