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PowerShell "Deep-Dive" Mini-Conference Announces

The Windows PowerShell team has announced a Windows PowerShell "deep dive" conference event. This will be hosted as a "conference within a conference" co-located with The Experts Conference (www.tec2011.com) this April in Las Vegas. Details aren't yet posted to the Web site, but here's what's known:

  • There's a $1000 conference rate. Right now, you would register as part of the Virtualization track, but a dedicated registration should be up soon.
  • The event is limited to 100 attendees. The PowerShell team wants to be able to engage people very directly, and doesn't want a mob scene. About 20 of those 100 slots will be by invite only, saving room for key experts to attend.
  • The event will be 400+ level information - not for beginners at all. The PowerShell team feels that there are ample places for beginners to engage (TechEd, MMS, MOC classes, classes from folks like me, TechMentor, etc), but noplace for them to see how people are using PowerShell in a really advanced way. So this is it.
  • The team is bootstrapping the event, but intends for the community to "own" it going forward - which means there may be future events, it may grow in size, etc.
  • MVPs will likely be well-represented, but they will NOT be 100% of the attendees. The MVPs engage through their own private Summit each Spring (it's February-March this year). MVPs will likely comprise some of the speakers.
  • The PowerShell team will be sending experts, including Jeffrey Snover, Lee Holmes, Bruce Payette, and others. 
  • A half-day pre-con workshop is likely. Other sessions will be a mix of normal breakouts (75 minutes) and shorter, topical discussion-based sessions led by experts. A keynote is planned. 
So there you have it. If you're an advanced PowerShell user, this is probably your best opportunity to get with the PowerShell team directly. They're looking for feedback on the product, and looking to see how you use it.  
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