Post Your Videos and Movies Online

Every day, tens of thousands of people post personal videos online at video sites such as YouTube, OneTrueMedia, MySpace, ViralFlix, GoogleVideo, and StreamLoad. Probably hundreds of thousands more want to post videos but are intimidated by the process or think they need expensive gear or software. That's not necessarily the case. All you really need is a digital video camcorder, a computer with free video-editing software, and a high-speed Internet connection.

Internet Video Magazine announced the launch of its new Make a Net Video and Free Video Tools guides, which help you create and upload your personal videos, movies, and video blogs to free online video-hosting services. Targeted toward beginners, students, and families, Internet Video Magazine provides how-to guides for all aspects of Web video, from how to shoot your video, to how to edit and prepare it for the Web by using free software, and to how to upload and post it.

Most computers already come with the necessary software bundled inside. Windows XP comes with MovieMaker. Apple computers come with iMovie. Both products are powerful and easy-to-master programs that make it possible for almost anyone to create personal movies that can be posted online.

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