Portable Pornography Check

Guardware's image analysis software, which scans for pornography, is now in portable form on a USB stick so that administrators can spot-check any system as desired. The USB product, called File Audit Facility, complements Guardware's ScreenShield Enterprise product, which provides similar functionality but installs client software on each monitored system. After a File Audit Facility scan, which takes 5 to 10 minutes, depending on the number of files on a system, you can view a report of found images immediately or save the report on the USB stick. File Audit Facility can look just in standard image, video, and Web files or you can choose to have it check all files. The product also lists the music files on the system in its report.

Guardware's Managing Director for North America, Joe Waldron, told me that File Audit Facility and ScreenShield Enterprise seem to appeal to the same sets of customers (schools, libraries, and any other companies interested in making sure their systems are pornography-free), but File Audit Facility resonates with those customers that want to do random checks and ScreenShield Enterprise, with those that are willing to put in the extra effort to perform daily and weekly monitoring. An additional market that Guardware sees developing for File Audit Facility is police departments that need to monitor registered sex offenders' computers.

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