Pioneer Introduces Wireless Dolby Digital/DTS Headphones

Pioneer Electronics introduced the SE-DIR800C infrared (IR) wireless surround sound headphones, which offer true 5.1-channel surround processing and a 25' range. The headphones simulate the sum of direct and reflected signals from virtual speakers to create surround sound as you would experience it in a traditional home theater. The SE-DIR800C headphones can process Dolby Digital and DTS surround sound, as well as Dolby Pro Logic II, from a gaming console, DVD player, or CD player connected through the optical or coaxial input. The headphones have a frequency response of 12Hz to 22,000Hz and an impedance of 32 Ohms. The control unit uses infrared technology to send the digital audio signal to the headphones. The headphone batteries are rechargeable through the control unit.

You can choose from three settings or “listening rooms,” including Reference Room (a small, acoustically damped room), Livelier Room (a more acoustically live room), and Large Room (a more distant and diffuse effect). The SE-DIR800C headphones offer soft earphone enclosures so that the entire ear is cushioned for greater comfort. They will be available in May at a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $475.

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