The Picture toolbar - 30 Oct 2007

The Picture toolbar contains helpful shortcuts for working with Pictures.

Picture toolbar

By default, the Picture toolbar will appear when you select a picture, and will disappear when you deselect the picture.

  • You can close the Picture toolbar by clicking the close ("x") button.
  • You can drag the toolbar by its title bar to another location in the window. If you drag the toolbar to an edge of the window, it will "dock" to the edge.

If the Picture toolbar is not visible, do one of the following:

  • Right-click a picture and choose Show Picture Toolbar.
  • Choose View → Toolbars ? Picture.
  • Right-click any visible toolbar and choose Picture.

One of the most useful buttons on the toolbar is the Reset Picture button.

  • Click Reset Picture to revert the picture to its original size and format. Reset Picture button
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