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Mozilla Firefox 3.5

Executive Summary:

What's so great about Firefox 3.5? It's still not as business-friendly as IE, but it's rock solid. And if you were wondering about browser choices in Windows 7 E Editions: Microsoft revealed that it would no longer foist the Windows 7 E Editions on Europe. See "Just Kidding: Microsoft Cancels Windows 7 E Editions." And for a little history on the subject, see "SuperSite for Windows."

Mozilla Firefox 3.5
New Private Browsing Mode catches up to similar IE 8.0 and Google Chrome functionality; better web application performance; support for emerging HTML standards
Cons: Still not as easily deployable by businesses as is IE
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Mozilla's latest browser is its best yet. Mozilla Firefox 3.5 is a rock-solid, highly-capable alternative to Microsoft Internet Explorer. The browser's main strengths—extensibility, compatibility, and performance—continue in Firefox 3.5 and are augmented with improvements. One minor downside: Mozilla still doesn't support corporate deployments as seamlessly as does Microsoft.
SuperSite for Windows

TAGS: Windows 7
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