Paul’s Picks - 26 Dec 2006

Summaries of in-depth product reviews on Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows

Windows Vista

Pros: Safest, most secure Windows yet; dramatically better deployment technologies
Cons: Two years late to the party; confusing array of product editions; fewer features than promised reCommendations: For businesses, migrating to a new Windows version is always a dicey, expensive affair, but Windows Vista should allay some of those fears with its excellent hardware and software compatibility as well as its enhanced upgrade and migration facilities. Obviously, it's only a matter of time before you upgrade. The only question is: When?
Contact: Microsoft * 800-426-9400 *
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Office 2007

Pros: Innovative new UI makes it easier to find previously hidden features
Cons: Only some Office applications get the new UI treatment reCommendations: Office 2007 is a blockbuster upgrade, and five of its applications—Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and, to a lesser degree, Outlook— display a major UI change that drops the old menu-and-toolbar system for a new interface paradigm based on tabs and ribbons. It sounds silly, but this new UI makes it easier than ever before to find features you never knew existed in Office and to create fantastic-looking documents. Office 2007's training costs do not appear to be as high as previously thought. This is one Office upgrade you're going to want to seriously consider, and its server components, such as a new SharePoint, are excellent as well. Highly recommended.
Contact: Microsoft * 800-426-9400 *
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