Parody Proves Tech Marketing Needs a Reboot

Parody Proves Tech Marketing Needs a Reboot

Here's a good story. It could be true.

Some time ago, at the beginning of the social media revolution, some smart and savvy marketing agency was getting hammered by their tech clients, hearing how consumers hated what they had produced and how products were being promoted. Instead of taking the blame or altering the campaign, the marketing agency concocted the idea that any press, whether it was positive or negative, was still press. Even if consumers hated the company and its products due to a poorly designed promotional campaign, it still meant that customers were talking about them. The sad part is that the marketing agency's clients ate it up and believed it.

So, over time, commercials and promotions have evolved into a cookie-cutter production like a really bad B movie where dialog is poor, special effects are extremely low budget, and soundtracks sound like they are produced on a Korg synthesizer from the 1980's.

In Every Tech Comercial, CollegeHumor does a great job parodying the worst tech commercials ever released. I hope the correct someone at Microsoft sees this and realizes why things need to be different.

Have a look…

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