Packt Publishing Lowers Annual Subscription to $100

Packt Publishing Lowers Annual Subscription to $100

Packt, a publishing company focused on technology, has just lowered its annual subscription rate for its service.

Founded in 2004, Packt provides both real books and eBooks, and also videos, to help technologists keep current, expand knowledge, and build a library of references. If you’ve been working with virtualization, the Cloud, PowerShell, System Center, or work as a developer, you probably have a Packt book sitting on a shelf somewhere.

And, while you can order physical books, Packt’s subscription service gives you online access to every single book available in the Packt library, including over 3,000 eBooks and videos. The subscription also gives you access to the latest releases as soon as they are published. All eBooks come in PDF, EPUB, and MOBI formats, making it easy to read with your eBook reader of choice. They can also be delivered to a Kindle reader if you have one of those. I can’t remember the last physical book I purchased. I opt to carry my library of technology books (and other non-technical books) on my Kindle Voyage, making the content always available and searchable.

Announced today, Packt has lowered its annual subscription price to just $100.

Find out more, and sign-up for a yearly subscription here: Packt Publishing Plans

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