OS Migration Tool - 09 Sep 2003

In another close race, ScriptLogic 4.14 edged past Microsoft Windows XP's File and Settings Transfer Wizard to take the Best OS Migration Tool award. A reader from Florida told us she voted for ScriptLogic because it offers "excellent OS migration tools."

Although ScriptLogic Enterprise Edition desktop-administration software isn't a targeted OS-migration solution, ScriptLogic's easy-to-use Management Console, graphical UI, and Validation Logic technology facilitate Windows OS migrations. ScriptLogic profiles eliminate the need to customize user settings during a migration. The software automates tasks such as printer and drive mapping, folder redirection, mail profile setup, and other migration administrative tasks. In addition, ScriptLogic establishes new user settings during the first logon after configuration changes, creating seamless transitions for users.

Boca Raton, Florida
561-886-2449 or 800-813-6415
Starts at $350 for a 10-seat ScriptLogic Professional Edition license, $400 for a 10-seat ScriptLogic Enterprise Edition license, and $495 for a 25-seat ScriptLogic Small Business Edition license
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